Autumn Ridge Acres has beautiful trails! 

There are over a dozen trails that can be accessed from the facility.

{They include a short ride on the quiet country roads of
Autumn Ridge Road and Lager Lane.}

Boarders may lease a horse for their friends and/or family to enjoy the trails with you.  

The trails run through open fields as well as wooded areas.


Note from 2020

After much thought, ARA will no longer be giving lessons. Summer camps will not occur.Trails are offered to our boarders and their family and friends only.  We are not offering lessons or trails to the public.

To my lesson clients:
I have honestly, with all my heart, enjoyed the past ten years of summer camps and year 'round lessons.  It is a part of my life I will never forget.  I will miss the interaction.  I will especially miss the excitement and reward of the progress made by so many.  I will hold the many proud moments close! May our paths cross again someday.  May you walk through life as if you're riding the wind! 
May God keep you always safe. 
Love, Ms. Gina